We go Extreme !

Boaby Tapp’d continues to roll after our second meet, “Boaby Tapp’d goes Extreme”, a Rolling Road Shootout at Extreme Motorsport, Whitburn, Scotland.

The event was originally over-subscribed but we managed to get everyone on the rollers after a few people pulled out on the day. There were 23 runners in a whole manner of different cars from diesel VW Golfs and Citroen C4s to Subaru Imprezas and balistic Mitsubishi Evos! There was also the usual excellent attendance from the ClioSport fraternity of Southern Scotland.

Congratulations to Allan Bertram and his V8 E90 BMW M3 for most power on the day with 413.3 bhp at the flywheel and John Gell and his V6 bi-turbo Audi S4 for most torque with 435 lbft (much to my annoyance as I was hoping to win that one).

After all that stress in hoping our cars would make good figures, what better than a fine Chinese Buffet to restore our energy. Cheers to Royal Regent in Whitburn for accommodating us all at the one table.

On the subject of tables, a table of all the results is available here and a graph plotting those results is also available here.

A gallery of picture from the day is available in our Facebook album and high resolution version are available on Flickr.

We’d like to thank everyone again for all your support and I’d like to thank Jaff and Emma in particular for organising and running the event on the day.

See you at the next meet!

Take it easy,